Worship Wednesday

Every other Wednesday, Our Fellowship Christian Church has a Worship Night. Since I am in search of Finding Joy in the Journey this month, I was led to share one of the favorites I heard tonight.

The Voyage is sung by Amanda Cook and the lyrical video has a beautiful representation of the words spoken. Though I have enjoyed the song on numerous occasions, tonight it made me fall to my knees.

I encourage you to loose yourself in this song as well.

Thank you Father for giving us the opportunity to fellowship with you tonight. Thank you Holy Spirit for reigning down on us and letting us spend time with You. Thank you Father for showing us what love is all about. I praise Your Mighty Name for the intimate time You provide and I ask for more; more time with You Father. Lord, I ask whoever this song is for, may they hear it with Your ears. May our eyes and ears be opened to Your voice and no other voice shall we follow. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

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