Gone Fishin'

Have you ever had something on your heart for a while, then God gives you the opportunity and you ask yourself, "What on earth was I thinking when I asked Him about this?"

I had the pleasure to speak at my home church, Our Fellowship Christian Church in July and boy was I surprised at the turn out. The room was filled with love from the left side to the right.

This humbling experience shed a new light on all the pastors and speakers I have listened to over the years. God gently reminded of me of the late nights, endless effort, and an exorbitant amount of love that goes into spending time with the Lord with the intent to give it away. Surprisingly, this is where the excitement begins, when we give away what God put on our hearts just to be filled right back up with joy.

So that particular Wednesday, I went into my wonderful little church, full of joy and excitement and I shared what God gave me and today, I'm sharing this with you. I hope you enjoy my first sermon as much as I did.

Thank you Father for giving me this opportunity and the opportunities to come. Thank you for trusting me to spread Your Good News. Thank you Holy Spirit for giving me the words to say and guiding my steps each and every day. I thank you Father for reaching my heart and the heart of all those who listen. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

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