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October 1, 2019

"Are you finding what you're looking for?" She asked.

"No ma'am, but I'm just browsing." I responded.

I searched for her Barnes and Noble name tag when she added, "Yeah, me neither ... they're looking in the back though."

Gabby was her name and she was patiently scouring for her book. She was petite with equally short black hair, falling onto her cute white cardigan. Instantly I knew she was one of us and it took all of about th...

Happy Tuesday all! 

Below is last month's message about how God may ask us to GO in order for us to GROW!

Happy planting!

August 20, 2019

A couple of weeks ago during our annual summer vacation, the Lord spoke to me and asked me a very peculiar question. This question was probably answered too quickly because the conversation lasted for the next few days. 

A gentle voice said, "Are you keeping ALL of my commandments?" 

The short version is no, I was not keeping all of His commandments and the one overlooked was lucky number four. 

“Remember the Sabbath day,...

Happy Tuesday!

Below is the second part of New Wine, a series in which God ever so carefully warned me about back at the beginning of the year. Even now during the crushing and the pressing, I am reminded to find joy in the journey. It may not be easy but I know it will be worth it!

June 25, 2019

My sincerest apologies for publishing the podcast two weeks late but my mom went into the arms of Jesus and my family and I are dealing with it as best as possible.

For now, please enjoy the process of how to stay connected to the one true vine through pruning, how to bear much fruit, and also, to abide in the goodness of our loving, loyal father. 

Thank you all for your continued prayers during this difficult tim...

In 2015, I met a young couple at church and within minutes, I knew it was only a matter of time before they were married. Low and behold, a couple of years later, Elden bruised his knee when he knelt down to ask Jennifer to marry him. Shortly thereafter, The Rivas crew would continue to preach the gospel all over the world. This particular couple thrives by doing God's work in the mission field. Whether it's in the dark alley...

Last week we journeyed through an insider view into the Gatesville Women's Prison. If you missed last week's blog, you can read it HERE.

We ended with a young woman by the name of Missy. Theoretically, her name was Melissa but for some time, she has been incapable of pronouncing it so to help those around her, she decided to shorten the syllables. 

Let me back up for a moment as I believe I'm gettin...

Well, it was bound to happen eventually. Though I had not intended to go back, I found myself within the confines of the jail bars of the Woodman Unit in Gatesville, Texas. The guard's large, gold keys hung from their over-sized grey pants. Behind me were twenty-foot metal fences, topped with spirals of barbed wire. A line of women in white jump suits walked two by two, staring me down from a few yards up. There were two gates...

Have you ever wondered why you see yourself differently than how your family and friends do?

Join me on my latest podcast and see what God's sees!

There are numerous scriptures which reveal God's character within us. Enjoy this FREE printable (found below) and pray these scriptures over yourself over the next five days. 

Congratulations! Your foggy lenses have been cleared up and you are now able to see through God's eyes. Let me...

A few months back, one of our fellow church members had diligently been in correspondence with a few gentlemen worshipers from our neighbors a couple of states over in Mississippi. Two of the gentlemen are brothers, Cameron and Chandler Wood who created Seeker & Servant back in 2012. The other gentlemen by the name of Ben Ford also tagged along for the ride. At the time of proposal, we didn't know what to expect but we were ex...

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