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Hello and welcome to Song of Happiness!


Here at Song of Happiness, you will find a repository of my personal thoughts, experiences, and spiritual insights. Song of Happiness comes from my name, Carolyn which means "Joy: Song of Happiness."

As for me, I come from the hearty, Texas country side and even though I live in the city, I still embrace my inner country girl and that keeps me humble. I spent years trying to soften my country accent and to this day, sometimes, even the long "I's" still come out.

I graduated from the University of Houston with a major in psychology and minor in studio arts. I am a digital retouch artist and photographer for one of the most prestigious studios in the state and have my own brand on the side.

I am currently under construction as a new wife to Daniel, and mother of a fur baby, Blade. In my free time, I run for tacos, bike for pan dulce, dance for sanity, and read for pleasure. As mentioned above, I am a photographer by trade but my recent obedience has been to write and publish what God has put on my heart, whether it is through photographs or through a pen. This will be an adventure for the both of us and will be filled with love, laughter, encouragement and a double serving of grace. So, hold on and join me on a beautiful journey!




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